Overview of Bakmi Jogja Sundoro Fried Frozen

Bakmi Jogja in Frozen Fried Packaging is a variant of wet noodles processed with selected ingredients, no preservatives, no coloring, low carb, original spices without flavor enhancers, POM and Halal tested.

Because the frozen food variant, the storage must be at a certain temperature so that the noodles can survive according to the recommended time that has been determined, namely

Jogja sundoro boiled noodles can last 6 months at a freezer temperature of -18° Celsius

This Product Already Certified

Bakmi jogja sundoro apart from having a distinctive and healthier taste, bakmi jogja sundoro also meets SNI, BPom, and Halal standards.

Composition and Nutritional Information

Composition of Frozen Fried Bakmi Jogja Sundoro:

Wheat Flour (62%), Ebi, Water, Garlic, Shallots, Candlenut, Vegetable Oil.

No Preservatives, No Synthetic Colors, No Flavors.

Contains Allergens, see ingredient list in bold.

Serving method

Boil the noodles +2-3 minutes until it feels soft, then drain

Heat 1 tbsp cooking oil, add eggs, stir fry the spices until liquid (Add water if necessary)

Add tomatoes, vegetables / toppings and flavorings (according to taste), add sundoro noodles, add soy sauce, stir evenly, wait until cooked

Put the noodles on the plate

Cooking Tutorial for Bakmi Jogja Sundoro Fried Frozen

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